• Posting Guidelines

    As part of Instagram's Terms & Conditions, you must follow the posting guidelines below should you look to schedule or post images using our platform. The following guidelines also apply when directly using the Instagram app to post images as well.

    Instagram Posting Guidelines (Important)

    • An image may not contain more than 30 hashtags and a comment;
    • An image may not contain any more than five mentions;
    • A caption may not exceed 2,200 characters (approximately 320-340 words);
    • Comments – including emoji-only messages – may not be made multiple times;
    • Certain unspecified words and phrases may not be used; and
    • Avoid using Blacklisted hashtags, you can view the full list and find out how to see if a hashtag is blacklisted here.

    If you receive an error message, review your caption or comment against these guidelines; revise it, as needed, before attempting to re-post it.

    In the event where you have exceeded the thresholds, we reserve the right to automatically remove your caption from your post once published. We do not condone spam, misuse or violation of Instagram terms of service within our platform.

  • How does it work?

    HeyFollow.app automates actions you enable (liking, commenting, following, unfollowing), on your account's behalf to help you grow your audience organically.

    The platform works 24/7 to interact with users relevant to your business and get them to follow you. All the growth is 100% real, organic and targeted.

    We save you hundreds of hours of manual work and help you take your account to the next level using unique audience filtering & targeting options.

    Got any other specific questions? Contact us at Hi@HeyFollow.app.

  • How do I use the features?

    This guide will teach how to get the most out of all the modules connected with HeyFollow.app.

    Don't have HeyFollow.app yet? Sign up for an account for free.

    How to use our modules

    Side Menu > Choose Feature (ie. Auto Follow) > Select Instagram Account

    Target & Settings
    You have the ability to use the following features to define your Auto filters:

    • #hashtags
    • People
    • Places

    They each play a role to contribute towards automating your Instagram account. Our #hashtags feature enables you to filter the hashtags you would like your account to target. This feature will then perform its actions (also known as Activities) dependent on your settings. The People feature will perform activities (such as commenting) on accounts that follow or are in close relation to the Instagram accounts you're targeting. Lastly, our Places feature will conduct activities following your specification.

    A fitness page could add "#fitness #health #wellness" as its hashtags. Using our Auto Follow feature, our app will then follow users who have posted images that have included one or more of the fitness page's hashtags.

    Another example:
    A travel blogger may want to target users who have posted images in Sydney, Australia to feature them in their Instagram blog.

    Activity Log
    With most of our features, you're able to see exactly what the app has performed on your behalf. It gives you a greater insight into how often the modules have been performing the activity, and when the next request will be sent out. You're able to adjust the requests by selecting the Speed.

    Exclusively with our Auto Comment and Auto Direct Message (DM) tools, you're able to customise the content that is sent out. Simply type your message in the text field and then "Add" when you're done. Make sure you hit the Save button to save your new additions!

    For new users, it's strongly recommended to not consistently use Fast or Very Fast speed options if you're running multiple functions at the same time. We recommend getting familiar with the application first and how it works before cranking up the request speeds. Read this article for more information. Nonetheless, we wish all of our users to take care and to have fun organically growing their Instagram. If you do have any questions, feel free to contact us at Hi@HeyFollow.app.

    Don't forget to Activate your modules to ensure they are on. HeyFollow.app will not conduct activities on your behalf if the module has not been switched on.

  • Top Instagram Safety Tips

    We can’t overemphasize the importance of account safety when it comes to social media automation. In this article, we’ll be showing you how to get the best out of your Instagram account using HeyFollow.app and to remain safe at the same time.

    Avoid the use of other automation tools
    Once you start using HeyFollow.app, you have to know that you can NOT use it along with any other Instagram automation tools.

    Doing this may place your account at a great risk because we have carefully put in place safety measures to ensure you remain safe while using our service. Using other tools might conflict with our practices and you might be seen running too fast on Instagram.

    If you are to use any other tool for some reasons. Ensure you stop all your running activities on HeyFollow.app before proceeding with the other service. Do the same on the other service when you’re resuming the activities.

    Be active on Instagram
    It shouldn’t be just about Auto Liking, Commenting, Following... you need to also post relevant content to your account, this is why we have provided the Post Scheduling option. Ensure you have up to 10-15 published posts on Instagram before you start automation on a new Instagram account.

    If your Instagram account is new, to avoid complications, perform some tasks from the account on the Instagram Official Mobile App. Try to Post, Follow, Like and comment on the account using the app before adding to your HeyFollow.app account. This will increase your Instagram trust rate.

    Personalise every account you use
    We understand you might want to create some Instagram accounts just for the purpose of marketing. If you want to remain on the safe side, you need to personalise each and every one of these accounts.

    • Confirm every account with a mobile number
    • Link your Instagram account to a Facebook page
    • Add Unique Profile picture and description to every of your account
    • Start automation slowly
    • If you are a new user of HeyFollow.app, we always advise you start slowly regardless of your account age.

    For older Instagram accounts, start with the Slow speed option and if your Instagram account is new, start with the Very Slow option for the first few days. You can increase your speed to Slow, then Medium after the first week of using our service.

    If you have used HeyFollow.app for some weeks, you can then decide to increase the speed to Fast (if necessary).

    You can learn more about our Instagram speed settings on the FAQs.

    Start with a single action
    As a new HeyFollow.app user, do not schedule Auto Follow, Auto Like, Auto Comment at the same time as this will seem suspicious to Instagram.

    Start with a single action in the first week. If you’ll like to use another function, simply disable the currently running action.

    You can run multi-action after a few days or weeks.

    Make use of our dedicated proxies
    Our servers are located in Clearwater, FL (USA) and we know that a good percentage of our users aren’t from that country. This is why we have made provision for a proxy for every users’ accounts.

    The reason for using proxies is that Instagram might notice that you’re using your account from different locations leading to a break in session. You may have to re-login your Instagram account on HeyFollow.app anytime this happens. Although there is no risk of being banned involved when you don’t use a proxy, it could be frustrating at times to know that your activities stop running in the middle of a campaign due to a session break.

    When you use our dedicated proxies, this means your Instagram account will be used from the same location as your mobile app, increasing your trust rate and a stable session.

    If you would like to use your own private proxy, please contact us at Hi@HeyFollow.app.

    Avoid the use of banned hashtags!
    One of the common reasons many Instagram accounts get banned is the hashtags they use. Many do not know that some hashtags have been flagged by Instagram and a user that constantly uses such hashtags will land in a temporary Instagram ban. You can view the full list and find out how to see if a hashtag is blacklisted here.

  • How do I connect my Instagram account?

    Login to your HeyFollow.app.com account

    1. Click the Instagram Icon on the left navigation side menu.
    2. Then the "New Account" button.
    3. Enter your Instagram Username and Password, then Add Account.
    4. We take your data very seriously.
    5. Learn about how we manage and encrypt your account data.
    6. If you're having problems connecting your account, we have a dedicated FAQ for that issue. Otherwise, please contact us at Hi@HeyFollow.app.
  • Is my account safe?

    Is my account safe?
    Your Instagram account is not in any way at risk if you follow the safety recommendations we've laid out.

    It's strongly recommended to not consistently use Fast or Very Fast speed options if you're running multiple functions at the same time. HeyFollow.app is designed to "mimic" the actions of a real user on the app.

    For new users, always start with the Very Slow / Slow speed options for the first few days.

    You can increase this to Medium, then Fast after some weeks.

  • How does the activity speed work?

    HeyFollow.app comes with different speed options, and each option has the maximum function is can perform daily.

    Note that each of the tools is independent of one another. Meaning you can set to Auto Follow and also run Auto Unfollow at the same time. Likewise for our other features such as Auto Comment, Auto Like, and more.

    We advise strongly against going too fast to avoid putting your account at risk. Although HeyFollow.app has never had a report of an account getting banned from using our tool, we still advise to not misuse our service.

  • Can I upload multiple files?

    Yes. If you have a large number of files to upload from your PC or device, you can upload up to 10 files at a time to your HeyFollow.app account as long as it fits within your plan's upload and storage limits.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Absolutely! You can cancel your account at any time, however, we are sure you'll continue to love HeyFollow.app's results once you get started! Since the entire growth is organic, the results will remain after you cancel your subscription!

    You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account's settings page.

  • I'm having troubles connecting my Instagram account

    If you're having troubles connecting your Instagram account, it could be because of one of the following reasons.

    • Your Instagram login credentials are incorrect.
    • We do not have a proxy supported in your area (required).
    • You're using a VPN (or IP Address) that's not currently supported.
    • As we improve our app constantly to make your experience better, we appreciate reports of linking your Instagram account or other bugs that you may find.
  • How we handle your data security

    We take data very seriously.

    As a company that takes data security and privacy seriously, we recognise that HeyFollow.app's information security practices are important to you. While we don’t like to expose too much detail around our practices, we have provided some general information below to give you confidence in how we secure the data entrusted to us.

    We protect your data with multiple layers of security.
    HeyFollow.app runs daily online backups of your business information. It’s encrypted and stored in several locations online so that it’s safe, secure and available when you need it.

    Your personal information stays private
    We know that data security is important to you. We keep your information private and only use it for agreed purposes. For instance, using our algorithm to make scheduled Instagram posts on your account.

    Encrypted data is stored securely
    Data is encrypted using industry-standard data encryption, multiple layers of firewalls are in place, all access to our data centres and servers is controlled and monitored 24/7.

    Application Level Security

    • HeyFollow.app account passwords are hashed. Our own staff can't even view them. If you lose your password, it can't be retrieved — it must be reset.
    • All login pages (from our website and mobile website) pass data via TLS.
    • The entire HeyFollow.app application is encrypted with TLS.

    Learn how we handle your information
    If you would like to learn how we handle your data and privacy, then please visit our privacy policy on our website.

  • Instagram Required Re-login

    As we take security very seriously, you may need to re-login to your Instagram account from time-to-time on HeyFollow.app to reauthenticate your Instagram account. This is done to protect our service from misuse and to ensure your account is safeguarded by Instagram's TOS.

    In the event of a required re-login, you may do this by following these steps:

    1. Login to HeyFollow.app
    2. Select "Accounts" from the side navigation
    3. Click on the 3-dot menu icon on the top-right of the Instagram account requiring your account reauthentication
    4. Choose "Edit"
    5. Confirm valid Username & Password
    6. Then, "Save Changes"
    7. That's it!

    We conduct these measures to ensure the fair use of our service. Sometimes, this is triggered by too many automation/requests made by your account. We will email you when an Instagram account requires reauthentication.

    How do I stop this from happening?
    We strongly recommended using our 'Auto' feature for our modules. This ensures a safe and fair use of our service automation to guarantee a sound environment for your accounts.

  • Error: Feedback Required - What do I do?

    If you come across the following error, there is a number of reasons to why this may have occurred.

    InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required
    The two most common reasons that trigger the Feedback Required error are using an overloaded server and/or running activities too fast.

    The Instagram feedback required error is one of the most common errors you can easily encounter when using Instagram either manually or when using an automation tool like HeyFollow.app.

    The Feedback Required error is usually caused by the following:

    • Instagram Server error (Unable to Connect to Instagram)
    • Targeted account error
    • Performing activities too fast
    • Targeted Hashtags are Banned
    • Posting Spammy comments

    The above reasons are just a few among the possible cause of this issue, however, they are the most common reasons.

    Instagram Server error: If you’re using an automation tool like HeyFollow.app, there is a possibility that we’re unable to connect your account to Instagram due to an overload on the server housing your account on HeyFollow.app, therefore, this error occurs. A reason like this is usually fixed when you retry after a few minutes or you can simply contact us to have it fixed.

    Targetted account error: You can encounter the Instagram Feedback required error when there is an issue with the account you’re trying to interact with. This could be as a result of privacy settings or the user having decided to block your account.

    In this case, you can simply ignore the feedback required error as you won’t encounter issues when you moved on to the next targeted account. Performing Activities too fast: If you perform tasks too fast or you have hit the Instagram limits of your account, you are bound to face this error also. There is a set limit for performing various tasks on Instagram such as Follow, Unfollow, Likes and Comments.

    For new accounts, the limit is low compared to old and trusted accounts. Although we have set a safe limit for HeyFollow.app according to our trusted research, some users might still face the InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback Required when they’re hitting the limit to avoid getting the account banned.

    Targeted Hashtags are Blacklisted: Sometimes, the issue might not be with your account or your activity, it could be your target. Instagram constantly ban hashtags that have been abused, if you include such hashtag in your targeted tags, then you might encounter this error. See the updated list of banned hashtags on Instagram.

    Posting Spammy comments: If you post comments that Instagram suspects to be a spam, you might be stopped from performing this task and the action required error might come up.

    This is why we always advise HeyFollow.app users to use spintax and variables in their comments and DMs.

    Solution to the Instagram Feedback Required Error
    Note: For new Instagram accounts, errors like this do occur if you have not verified your account, especially with a mobile number AND if you’ve not used the account on the official Instagram mobile app. In this case, we advise you to verify the account (preferably with a mobile number) and also perform tasks such as Follow, Like and comment on the official Instagram mobile app.

    Below are tips to help you overcome the action required error:

    Deactivate the Activity (Recommended): The first step will be to identify what triggers this error, is it when you run a specific tool or it occurs on all of your activities.

    For example, you could see the error only when you run a specific function like Auto Like or Auto Comment. Meanwhile, other functions like Auto Follow and Unfollow are still working perfectly fine. What you need to do in this case will be to pause the specific activities for 24 hours while other functions are still running.

    Pause Entire Account Activities: If you encounter this error when you perform any function using HeyFollow.app, then you need to pause entire account from performing any task for 24 hours. Also, you’re advised not to perform any activity on the Instagram official mobile app during this period. Reduce Activity Speed: When the pause period in Point 2 is finally over, you should set up new activities with a lower speed. If you had been running your campaigns on the Fast speed, switch to the speed before it (Medium).

    Run your activities with this reduced speed for at least a week. Avoid Running Multiple Tasks: To be on a safer side, it is recommended to run single activities for the first few days before and never run more than two activities for the next few weeks.

    When combining multiple activities, always avoid Auto Follow + Auto Unfollow at the same time. This could be risky for your account. You can combine two other activities alongside these two.

    Always Read the Activity Log: The purpose of the log page for every action is to let you how your account is performing these tasks when you follow these logs, you’ll be able to tell when things are not going right. You can easily deactivate any activity generating too many errors.

    Note: Always deactivate any activity that shows an error similar to "InstagramAPI\Response\GenericResponse: Feedback required" to avoid sending more requests to Instagram."

    The above suggestions are what worked for many of our users who have come across the Instagram Feedback Required error. It is not necessary to try all of the above as a single one could be a fix to your own issue. Understanding what triggers the error is the key to solving it.

    If you have any question regarding this article, our team will be more than happy to assist.

  • List of Countries for Proxy Addresses

    We have compiled a list below which identifies what countries we have proxies available to use. All HeyFollow.app Users are granted with a dedicated Proxy IP Address assigned to their country. This helps to connect to Instagram faster and ensures that the activities are running clockwork with a high uptime guarantee and anonymity.

    What is a proxy and how can it help? Depending on the type of a proxy connection, it can be used either by an individual, a small group or a business. The two main reasons to use a proxy are to mask the requests to the Internet from your IP or to shield from other people on the Internet making requests to your IP directly.

    List of Available Countries:

    • United States of America
    • United Kingdom
    • Argentina
    • Germany
    • India
    • Canada
    • Great Britain
    • France
    • Spain
    • Italy
    • Sweden
    • Greece
    • Portugal
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • Russia
    • Ukraine
    • Poland
    • Israel
    • Turkey
    • Australia
    • Malaysia
    • Thailand
    • South Korea
    • Japan
    • Philipines
    • Singapore
    • China
    • Hong Kong
    • Taiwan
    • Pakistan
    • Iran
    • Indondesia
    • Azerbaijan
    • Kazakhstan
    • UAE
    • Mexico
    • Brazil
    • Argentina
    • Chile
    • Peru
    • Ecuador
    • Colombia
    • South Africa
    • Egypt
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Austria
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Norway
    • Romania
    • Switzerland
    • Syria
    • Vietnam

    You cannot use the HeyFollow.app modules without connecting to a valid proxy address. If you would like to use your own dedicated proxy for your Instagram account(s), please contact our team.